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Haltech Engine Management Systems offers many versions of the platinum tuning software that allows tuners Direct plug and play replacement of the OEM ECU, with no re-wiring necessary on supported vehicles. Haltech uses the cars factory sensors, Supports Sequential Injection (peak and hold) and Direct fire ignition, Real time programming, instant hesitation free adjustment while engine is running, Fully user definable 32 x 32 mapping, Tuning via Volumetric Efficiency (VE), Injection time or Lambda Correction, Diagnostic Trouble Code Storing & Check Engine Light Control, Selectable onboard internal MAP sensor rated to 150kPa (up to 1.5 Bar or 22psi boost), Wideband “auto tuning” using user definable target AFR table and more... some of the advanced features include:
  • Soft and hard cut rev limiter
  • EGT fuel correction
  • Tuning via TPS with manifold pressure correction
  • Dual map switching for fuel/ign/boost
  • Anti-lag (Rally and Launch style)
  • Rotational idle
  • Launch Control
  • VTEC cam timing control
  • VANOS cam control (intake cam only)
  • True variable cam control supporting late model Toyota’s, WRX’s and EVO’s
  • Nitrous switching with fuel / ignition correction
  • Turbo timer
  • Torque converter lock up and more..

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API has increased the quality of our AWD and 4WD service by bringing it on site!
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