HPTuners Tuning

Maximize performance of all of your modifications with HPTuners Engine Performance Tuning software and the ability to adjust:

  • Ignition timing curves
  • Fuel curve (Air Fuel Ratio)
  • Fuel Injector sizes
  • Mass Airflow sensor (MAF) Tables
  • Volumetric Efficiency tables
  • Speed Density cross-over tables
  • Idle control
  • Automatic transmission shift speeds
  • Automatic transmission shift pressures

Take full advantage of all of your performance modifications with the ability to modify or eliminate:

  • RPM limiters
  • Speed limiters
  • Torque reduction during transmission shifts
  • Various engine and transmission abuse modes
  • Electronic throttle (fly by wire) torque management
  • Over boost protection
  • Fuel octane learning
  • Catalytic converter protection
  • Various transmission torque limits

Other features that assist you in harnessing power and maintaining it:

  • Cooling fan operation
  • Recalibration of speedometer for final drive ratio and tire size changes
  • Wideband O2 via the optional Enhanced I/O (EIO) cable hardware
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature via the optional Enhanced I/O (EIO) cable hardware

API Can tune any HPTuners Product!


Automotive Performance Dyno Tuning

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